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To view the CC FY 11-12 Business Plan click on CCJPA and then Search for Business Plan. It discusses the Oakland to San Jose initiative as well as Dumbarton Rail.

Please check out pages 13, for comments relating to the track improvements between Oakland and San Jose which will allow for increased service between those two cities. Also page 24 includes a paragraph addressing teh continues integration with the Dumbarton Rail corridor project:

The CCJPA is working with the proposed Dumbarton Rail commuter rail  service planned by Caltrain to identify the infrastructure improvements that Capitol Corridor trains and Dumbarton Rail may share jointly in the Hayward/Union City/Fremont/Newark area. While the Dumbarton Rail project has recently projected less ridership demand with increasing costs, the shared track between Union City and Fremont/Newark could be utilized by Capitol Corridor more immediately along with plans by the UPRR to make improvements elsewhere to increase capacity in the Oakland to San Jose corridor. The Dumbarton Rail project may be postponed or modified to address the ridership and other timing issues.

The CC continues to seek Federal funding for the acquisition of the UPRR Track between Hayward and Fremont (the Oakland Subdivision) so that they can install double (Or possibly triple) tracks to accommodate increased service between Oakland and San Jose. They were not awarded the Federal funds in 2010 but will continue to submit requests for such funding.


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