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Traffic problems are going to be terrible
It's not that it is a church; it's that it is a HUGE complex, and the traffic problems are going to be terrible. Alvarado-Niles Road is a substitute for Mission Blvd. for many people, and it's difficult enough to  get home from work as it is!

Any style of architecture blown up to such a large scale is a monstrosity; the style of architecture and religious culture attached are not in question (for me, anyway). A typical Niles bungalow would look awful if it were scaled up that large.

How does the City plan to mitigate the traffic problems, with all of the
homes going in across the way, and a complex with live-in monks, a school
and religious services feeding into A-N Road? That's my question.

Niles Blvd.
Posted – 09/05/05 10:42am by Lynn R Slater

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