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This is a MASSIVE complex, traffic, eyesore

They propose a six-foot high wall around some of their property, which will be decorated "with names of the Buddha, both in Chinese and English to encourage visitors and practitioners to read the Holy Name of various Buddha. ACCORDING TO BUDDHIST TRADITION, MERIT IS GAINED BY RECITING BUDDHA'S NAME EVEN IF IT IS READ UNINTENTIONALLY." (emphasis is mine in Caps).

********* YES, this is in their proposal. *********

This smacks of wanting to build an 55K square foot epi-center to recruit. They should have left that out.

They estimate 20-40 visitors per day, in addition to existing residents, classes, and guests. "Currenly 100 to 125 follwers participate in the praying ceremonies and ACCORDING TO THE APPLICANT (emphasis mine) the Temple has no intention of increasing the frequency of either the ceremonies or the amount of people. The applicant anticipates 20-40 visitors per day. The Purple Lotus Temple at the San Bruno site, which is approximately 4,000 square feet, has 8-12 visitors on a daily basis."

They are comparing a 4k square foot area to their proposed 55,560 sqare feet of property. With learning institutes, residences, daily visitors, etc. They cannot possibly predict the traffic in or out of their new compound, nor how it will will affect the surrounding area. But, I bet Safeway in Union City benefits from it, as will other Union City businesses, over Fremont businesses.

It is my understanding the Fox Ave. lot is zoned residential with 1-3
houses PER ACRE, and the existing plan was to have those 1-3 houses
per acre, with foot and bike trails, etc., which would now tie nicely
into Quarry Lakes... and lend a nice track cut through from Niles on
foot or bike to Quarry Lakes.

Was supposed to be luxury homes on large lots with bike and walk
trails. Something unheard of these days, all the new homes have no
backyards and are 2-story homes to fit on tiny lots with mini
backyards... with a few 1-story homes thrown into the development.

The current zoning of 1-3 homes per acre would blend in well for the
area, with bike and walk trails, except the Purple Lotus folks bought
the property about almost 15 years ago with intentions to build their
MASSIVE CAMPUS and change the zoning (someone correct me if I'm wrong
on when they purchased the property... but it's in the official

Apparently... "According to a series of topographic maps dating back
to 1889, aerial photographs dating back to 1939 and a recent site
reconnaissance, the subject property has remained undeveloped to
date. The property was most likely used for agricultural and grazing
purposes. The subject property is currently covered with ground
vegetation. There are overhead utilities running along the western
property line. The western property line also is part of the
boundary line separating the City of Union City and the City of

Well, there is a reason the property has been undeveloped to date.
The Purple Lotus have owned it since early 90s when they bought it
with their intentions... hence nothing has been done with it!

My concerns are that this is a MASSIVE complex, larger than a new condo complex, would cover 5.5 acres. That is HUGE. The implications on traffic are enormous, the potential for eyesore is huge. The business Union City will benefit with are great, while Fremont businesses won't benefit much at all. They need merely head left out of Fox Ave. onto Alvarado-Niles and they have everything they need within a 4 mile drive down Alvarado-Niles - versus further driving to accomodate their needs with Fremont Businesses.

Purple Lotus is supposed to be able to house 120 residents. IN
ADDITION to the daily traffic of them, visitors, guests, weekend
traffic, students, worshippers, etc. In addition to their main hall
to hold 150 people, and their seperate institute to hold 250 persons,
their four proposed worship sites, etc. This this is going to be a
massive complex, or arrangement of buildings, that are going to
spread wide, and HIGH according to their proposal.

55,560 sqare feet is a massive construction for any purpose... which
is totally out of place for Niles.

"The 5.5 acre site is designed, as the project architect, to create
harmony between the natural environment and the proposed development
while symbolically representing both the Buddist tradition of Feng
Shui principals."

Nothing in here says anything about benefiting Niles, Fremont, the
local residents, nor does anything address traffic. Nor does
anything say they are going to built anything to remotely blend into
Niles, or Union City, since they are at the borderline.

They have a multi-purpose room proposed of 300 guests, with parking
for every four seats. They expect 250 + 15 employees, one parking
space per employee, and one parking space per seven student classroom
seats. Um. Hrm.

I have NO problem with a Buddhist temple, I have a "mom" of a friend
of over 25 years who is a Buddhist and even has been in the Niles
Xmas Parade every year with her troupe on her drum. But, this is
ridiculous and very out of place for Niles and the area it wishes to

Read the facts... I uploaded the file

Riviera Dr.

Posted – 09/05/05 10:52am by Lynn R Slater

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