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Developing a History of the Alleys
I was also interested in developing a history of the alleys in terms of interactions with the City so that I can be as informed as possible when I approach them to do some work.  Could we plan a meeting ASAP?  My house is under construction and would not be an appropriate place.  Should I email the people who have responded already and see if they want to meet at the Nile thisweekend?   More…

Asked for help 10-12 years ago
About 10-12 years ago a bunch of us in Niles asked the City to help maintain the alleys. There had been problems with emergency services because those who lived on the alleys had addresses of the main streets. So to solve that problem the City named the alleys but insisted that they were private property. Note the "Private" on the signs...
Apparently some residents' deeds state that their property ends at the alley, while other deeds include the alley. When Alameda county "gave" all the public roads, through fairs, and streets to the City of Fremont, the word "alleys" wasn't specifically noted, therefore the City refuses to take any responsibility. Since the City is in a perpetual budget crisis, I wouldn't get any hopes up that the City is going to do anything at all - EVER.
My take is that there's free land in Niles since the some property owners don't have the land in their deeds and and the City says it's not theirs either. Can people still homestead???
Kely McKeown
Posted – 09/11/05 9:10am by Lynn R Slater

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