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Developing a History of the Alleys
I was also interested in developing a history of the alleys in terms of interactions with the City so that I can be as informed as possible when I approach them to do some work.  Could we plan a meeting ASAP?  My house is under construction and would not be an appropriate place.  Should I email the people who have responded already and see if they want to meet at the Nile thisweekend?   More…

Paving was promised 25 years ago (1 replies)

Many many years ago, probably 20-25 years ago, during one of the many revelopment districts that Niles has belonged to, the alley's were supposed to be paved. As property owners next to the alley by the fire department we actually had a letter from the city stating that. But instead they put curbs on 2nd and 3rd St and then totally ignored the streets like H, I and J etc who never got curbs or drainage either. No on at the city ever remembers things like this, because "it must happened before I came" and therefore is invalid.

Riki on Hillview (chomegs)

Posted – 09/11/05 9:16am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 09/11/05 9:16am

Promise implies city ownership
The City has gone through a number of staff changes over the 50ish years since its incorporation, and I'm sure a number of records have been purged along the way. If anyone still had a copy of one of those old letters regarding the City's intent to pave the alleys at their ownexpense, I wonder if it would imply City ownership. That would be interesting to find out.
Very interesting discussion. Thank you, Nicki (J St)
Posted – 09/11/05 9:16am by Lynn R Slater

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