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Creating Alley Day

If our town and business owners could ralley together and try just one alley, (let the homeowners and business owners petition which one with Main Street Assoc.... i.e. "Why my Alley"), it could set the trend for the others and this could get accomplished over a period of time, one alley a year or every other year if that's too much on everyone to organize.

Niles Alley Day - A community project!

We could get donations and have a big work day (with sign ups in advance?)

People/things needed to get this started are:
1.  A detailed map of the alleys (I could arrange for this)
2.  A design team (maybe 2-3 people) to draw up some plans and find out if
we would need any approvals from the city to do something like this... and
to consider if there are ADA considerations or if we can go forward as
they are.
2a. Find out if the City can offer any funding and if so, how long it
would take (1 year, 3-5 years or 10?)
3.  A review group (to make sure the design is do-able in one day)
4.  A team to get donations of cobbles or bricks, etc. or maybe just
plants for the first one (??)
5.  The donations and trucks to haul them
6.  Someone to pick a date that works for lots of people!
7.  People to sign up and promote the day
8.  People to prepare the ground in advance (possibly)
9.  People to show up on the day
10.  People to continue the work after the day in case it doesn't all get



I am very interested in your project and would dedicate some time. (2 replies)
I am very interested in your project and would dedicate some time. I was also interested in developing a history of the alleys in terms of interactions with the City so that I can be as informed as possible when I approach them to do some work. Could we plan a meeting ASAP? My house is under construction and would not be an appropriate place. Should I email the people who have responded already and see if they want to meet at the Nile this weekend?

Diana Brumbaugh
Iron Horse Lane
Posted – 09/11/05 9:20am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 09/11/05 9:42am

Great idea! I would like to be involved in this historical project promoting Niles Alley Ways. I can already foresee a new Niles event: "Traveling Down the Past, Niles Alley Ways"

My suggestion would be to possibly incorporate this project with the "community meeting" Teresa Hardy already has scheduled each month which promotes community involvement for improvements and issues in Niles.

Theresa DeAnda
Second Street

Posted – 09/11/05 9:24am by Lynn R Slater

I am all for this. I do live on or in an alley, Victory Lane. I have only been here since July 1, 2005 and love it and plan to be here for many years to come.

I would like to hear more about the "Creating Alley Days". I would like to be involved. I am slowly trying to get involved in the community and getting to know the people of Niles. I do so want to be apart of this community.

Victory Lane

Posted – 09/11/05 9:42am by Lynn R Slater

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