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Right turn on red again? (5 replies)

So, I don't see any signs forbidding it, and I don't see a right turn arrow light, but can we, once again, make a right turn onto Mission from Niles Blvd.? I'm kinda afraid to try.

Diana Iron Horse Lane

Posted – 09/30/05 10:06pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 09/30/05 10:10pm

Personally I'm all for the no right turn on red sign. I often get coffee at the doughnut shop and watch as people illegally make the right turn and almost get creamed - lots.
The sign is on the lawn next pole. I called the police department asking what is legal there and it's my impression that some disgruntled driver took it down over the weekend. It may be up again soon so I'm just going to continue waiting for the green light.
Also, there's a bunch of idiots that use the parking lot as a right turn lane because they can't wait 3 minutes for the light. There's a lot of small children and slower moving seniors walking there and someone's going to get hurt or killed there before that's addressed. You have to watch getting out of your car because they go through at speed. AAArgh! Pet peeve time.
Posted – 09/30/05 10:06pm by Lynn Slater

Yeah, the sign is back again.  It was down for a day or so, but now it's back. I also notice those impatient ones who go through the 7-11 parking lot.  I hope when the intersection is finally completed that there will be a green arrow for right turns, and that it will be okay to turn right when the N-Bound Mission people are turning left into downtown Niles - no conflict there for lanes - as well as when Niles Blvd. goes across Mission towards the Canyon.  BTW, I hope they put a camera on that intersection - without fail, four or five cars turning off S-Bound Mission towards the Canyon violate the red light every single time.
Genie Hawkins
Barnes Lane
Posted – 09/30/05 10:07pm by Lynn Slater

Does this mean that they will perhaps re-pave, or
re-stripe the lanes on Niles Blvd at the light? I have
had lots of cars not realize that the r lane is r-turn
only, as the directional arrows on the pavement have
gotten so hard to see.....


Posted – 09/30/05 10:07pm by Lynn Slater

Who to contact
Click on the down arrow keys and there are options for Traffic Signals and Street Lights.
This is also where one could report the light that is not illuminating the flag.  I saw an earlier post today.
Elizabeth, Essanay
Posted – 09/30/05 10:08pm by Lynn Slater

Right turn on red again?
I do not have any experience with Fremont traffic division, but these are all things that can be made known to the City's Traffic Controller.  In other municipalities, I have made such items know to the Traffic Controller, and often times I saw the problem rectified in short time.  Let's hope Fremont reacts just as quickly when things are brought to their attention.
Posted – 09/30/05 10:10pm by Lynn Slater

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