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Looking for daytime babysitting/childcare (1 replies)

Looking for daytime babysitting/childcare for two days in October at Temple Beth Torah in Fremont. 

Any help would be great!  Please contact if you can help out.  Thanks!

Posted – 10/28/05 8:26am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 10/28/05 8:26am

I know they don't make house calls (or temple calls) but if you are looking for a babysitter for just a few hours at an odd time (middle of the day) you can always check with the Discovery Cove at the Family Resource Center - they have a limited number of kids they can take at one time but are licensed, open Mon-Fri during the day and good in a pinch - please call ahead to reserve a spot. The info is at  
Posted – 10/28/05 8:26am by Lynn R Slater

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