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Mechanic Recommendations (3 replies)
 We are in need of maintenance on our 2005 BMW and would prefer to have this done locally.  Can anyone recommend a mechanics garage in the Tri-Cities area that we can establish a long term relationship?

Theresa & David
Second St.
Posted – 10/28/05 8:48am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 10/28/05 8:49am

 We just love Dando's Automotive located at 45554 Industrial Place #9. Phone # 659-7900 Ken Keeler is the owner and lives in Niles. We have
A roofing business and he takes care of our fleet. Also he's great with the Classics too. ( We have a '39 Coupe and a '69 Mustang) He can take care of all types of vehicles.  He's a great guy and has a very nice family.

Theresa and Mark
Duarte Avenue
Posted – 10/28/05 8:49am by Lynn R Slater

We use a place called "The Shop" (he didn't have to reach too far for the name), over on Dusterberry across from DMV (510) 797-4050.  We use them for our old cars (husband's old el camino, my '81 corvette), and our new cars.  I had always had dealer service on my new cars until they were out of warranty, but am so pleased with The Shop I take everything there now.  He always prints out the factory service requirements so I see that he's doing exactly what they would do at the dealership, my Honda's 30k service was just about half the price of what the dealer would have charged me.

d street

Posted – 10/28/05 8:49am by Lynn R Slater

 I have been very happy with the service from Fremont Foreign Auto on Mowry near Cherry. Eduardo has taken very good care of my Volvo for a number of years, including doing small things like installing a new light bulb or fuse on the spot for free. Plus Fremont Foreign Auto is
within easy walking distance of Niles.

-- Ann
   Second Street
Posted – 10/28/05 8:49am by Lynn R Slater

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