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Chiropractor (3 replies)
This is a Chiropractor in Niles, I believe a female off Niles on one of the lettered streets. Does anyone know of her, name and number, etc??
Stenhammer Drive
Posted – 10/29/05 10:11am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 10/29/05 10:15am

Our Niles Chiropractor is:

Dr. Nina Robinson, D.C.
161"I" Street

I Street
Posted – 10/29/05 10:11am by Lynn R Slater

GREAT chiropractor close by
I cannot say enough about my chiropractor.  Her name is Susan Bromley and she is located in UC, right next to Logan High School.  She has helped me--my family, extended family and many of my friends.  She is trained in multiple techniques, is a sports chiropractor for groups from the Olympic Committee to Ringle Brother's Barnum and Bailey and is completely down-to-earth.

Her number is 471-1843.  She quite literally saved my quality of life.

Her office is closed on Fridays.

Hillview Drive
Posted – 10/29/05 10:12am by Lynn R Slater

I am looking for a gentle and experienced chiropractor in the
Fremont/Newark/Union City area. Preferably a female practitioner. I
searched the group archives and found one reference to the existence
of a local Niles practitioner, but not any positive or negative
feedback regarding treatment received at that office. 
Any further info on our local practitioner or other recommendations
would be greatly appreciated:)
Kelly on J Street
Posted – 10/29/05 10:15am by Lynn R Slater

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