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Orthepedic (2 replies)

Nolan's knee is not healing as we think it should.   We've rested it quite a bit & he keep re-injuring it.  can anyone recomend a good orthepedic Dr?  Maybe a sports Dr. as it seems to be sports related.

Thanks, Cathy P

Posted – 12/03/05 11:29am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 12/10/05 10:01am

We used Dr. Jaureguito 739-6520 here in Fremont. He specializes in shoulders and knees and was highly recommended - lived up to his excellent reputation. I’m taking a friend there tomorrow to have both knees repaired!
Good luck!

 Gitta Brown

Posted – 12/03/05 11:30am by Lynn R Slater

I wanted to let every one know that I chose Dr. Sally Harris from Palo Alto Med Foundation in Palo Alto.  She specializes in Pediatric Sports Med & ortho.
Nolan has a few orthopedic issues that she made me aware of, & I'm happy we have discovered it so early for him.  She was fantastic, & I would recommend her to adults as well as children.
She was also helpful in the topic of  "How much is too much?" when it comes to kids sports.  Her main concern is not with pre-pubescent children, especially with boys.  It is their extreme growing years (12 or 13-18ish) that they need to be careful with pushing their bodies too hard.
Thanks, Cathy Petersen
Linda Drive
Posted – 12/10/05 10:01am by Lynn R Slater

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