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Update on Dumbarton Rail Policy Committee Meeting, Nov 15
At the Dumbarton Rail Policy Committed meeting of Tuesday Nov 15, Fremont was able to have "Alternative A" added to the Dumbarton Rail Staff recommendation, which was to only study "Alternative B" for future environmental  analysis.  However, Alternative A is not feasible unless Union City makes major revisions to the plans for the Union City Intermodal Station (BART/Passenger Rail/Bus).
Alternative A would allow the potential removal of all Union Pacific Rail Traffic from the Niles Sub (old town Niles), and put both passenger and freight rail traffic on the Oakland Sub (along the BART tracks).  Ironically, the closing of the Niles Sub to commercial rail traffic is currently in the Union City Gerneral Plan.  Union City and Fremont have experienced a number of deaths on the Niles Sub in recent years.
Alternative B will eventually result in a dual track, freight only on the Niles Sub (old town Niles), new bridge over Alameda Creek next to Mission Boulevard, and upgrading of the Niles Sub with full fencing and grade separations as part of the higher security corridor from the Port of Oakland to the sorting and screeing facilities for cargo containers to be build in the San Juanquin Valley.
Up until about 5 years ago there was an opportunity to have the Dumbarton Rail use the Niles Sub, with a transit stop in Old Town Niles.  This woudl have required a "ladder track" at the Pacific States Steel site, allowing the Dumbarton Rail to connect directly into the Union City Intermodal Station.  With the housing development now being completed at the Pacific States Steel site, this opportunity has been lost.
A question for our political leadership:  If Fremont were to agree to the entire historic Route 84 alignment from I-880 to Mission Boulevard, would Union Ciity consider supporting Alternative A of the Dumbarton Rail?  This would in all probability require modifying the Union City Intermodal Station design, and significantly reduce the amount of land adjacent to the Intermodal Station available for private development, due to the need for at least one more rail line.
John Weed
Niles Blvd.
Posted – 12/03/05 11:37am by Lynn R Slater

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