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Niles Entrance Signs (6 replies)

I think the new metal "NILES" signs at the entrance to Niles and at
the Sullivan Underpass look great.  However, at night, the lighting
on them seem a bit strange.  It seems that the lights that illuminate
the signs are on behind the letters, so they are very easy to read
from behind...but look sort of half-way illuminated from the front.

I'm not sure who paid for these, or who is responsible for the
upkeep, but how about we add lights to the front of the letters?


Posted – 12/03/05 11:43am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 12/03/05 11:48am

As a member of the 8 very carefully chosen representatives on the "Gateway Entrance Sign Committee years ago, I distinctly remember the consensus being that the sign lighting was to be initially installed: "backlit, (and it's ok if it maybe looks a little strange)".

Only when Niles finally comes of age and is vigorous, beautiful, entertaining and profitable to everyone's satisfaction are we scheduled to turn the fixtures around properly so that the sublimely beautiful Niles Font can announce us proudly to the world outside in the conventional manner...

Quirky little place, eh?

You just gotta get your head around it somehow, it happens to all of us....
Glad you noticed the subtle nuance there!
Best Regards, D.V.

Posted – 12/03/05 11:43am by Lynn R Slater

Good News!
I spoke to Fred Diaz (the City Manager) last night about the signs. He and the sign designer came out and looked at the signs at night and agreed the current lighting is not working as planned. It's in the works to change the lighting! I know Dominic Dutra also spoke to Fred about this issue and since both Dominic and Fred live in Niles and drive under the signs every day, they couldn't help but notice the problem.
Now how can we get the tree cut back a little bit so you can actually see the cute arrow that's up there????
2nd Street
Posted – 12/03/05 11:44am by Lynn R Slater

Niles Entrance Signs
I think the idea is great and I'm glad thought was put into it. However the execution doesn't come off as well.  Light reflecting off a uniformly lit background would be more effective so the dark letters popped out from the entering direction.  But, thanks for the work behind the scenes.
Linda on Bodily
Posted – 12/03/05 11:44am by Lynn R Slater

Way back then we also talked about a third sign to complete the installation series, over Niles Blvd., somewhere near the Nursery, where the road narrows down.

This was to be implemented later, as I remember, once the other two easier-to-site railroad bridge ones were up and had gained community acceptance.
Have you heard any references to progress on that?

Posted – 12/03/05 11:45am by Lynn R Slater

Actually at that time we still thought the signs would be very close to the two bridges, and Micheal Manwaring the designer, was attempting to do just what you said, use the two trestles as the background screens.

Issues with setbacks from the R.R. easement pushed the signs out to where the backdrop no longer worked as planned, but apparently the construction specifications weren't updated to compensate for this....

It's gonna big, bright, and beautiful when its dialed in right!
Regards, Dirk

Posted – 12/03/05 11:46am by Lynn R Slater

Yet another rail bridge is in the works.
Not to worry,  yet another rail bridge is in the works.  There is a proposal to build a new rail bridge over the entry off Niles Canyon Road (Henkel) as part of the proposed double track curved rail road bridge over Alameda Creek just west of Mission Blvd..  This is the recommended "Alternative B" to support the Dumbarton Rail Project, where all passenger rail will be on the Oakland Sub (next to the BART lines), and only freight rail will use the Niles Sub (old town Niles).  Construction of these bridges will be funded with the third dollar of Bay Bridge Tolls.
Later today, 2PM Tuesday 15Nov2005 at the City Hall in Union City the Dumbarton Rail Policy Committee is scheduled to approve "Alternative B" as part of the sole option for environmental review.  The new curved rail bridge will allow trains to leave Niles and go up the south side of Niles Canyon, and vice versa.
John Weed
Niles Blv
Posted – 12/03/05 11:48am by Lynn R Slater

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