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Cabinet Makers and Refinishers (2 replies)
We learned, from a knowledgeable professional, that our kitchen cabinets are made of real wood. He suggested stripping the exisiting varnish, then prepping and staining to our desired color. Along with the hardware of our choice for the handles and knobs, voila! Real-wood beauty.
We have taken our friend's suggestion and are looking for a seasoned craftsman to refinish our existing cabinets and possibly construct a few other new cabinets for other rooms.
Many thanks!
The Norens
2nd Street
Posted – 12/10/05 9:47am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 12/10/05 9:48am

My suggestion is Harold Barrows, he lives here in Niles. 258-4433
Riverside Avenue
Posted – 12/10/05 9:47am by Lynn R Slater

We have had no direct experience with Silva's Cabinet Shop in Newark, but they did a lovely job on some built in alcove cabinets for our neighbors, and they were much more reasonable than other quotes they got.
Good luck!
Karen of Niles Glen
Posted – 12/10/05 9:48am by Lynn R Slater

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