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Boat Tuneup (1 replies)

Seeking knowledgable "boat person" to clean up and tune up our 17' Glastron, trailer and 150 hp Mercury outboard. We will be selling it soon but wish to spiff it up first. Thanks,
The Norens
2nd St.

Posted – 04/15/06 9:27am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 04/15/06 9:27am

Mr. Le's Marine Services
 You can try Mr. Le's Marine Services (  He is supposed to be very honest and an all around good guy.  I heard he was fired from is last job because he told a customer that he really didn't need certain work.  So he opened up his own shop.  Word spread fast and now he is swamped with work.  He's trained in Evinrude (which is what I have), but I'm not sure about Mercury.  You will have to ask him about that.

Steve Lau
King Ct.
Posted – 04/15/06 9:27am by Lynn R Slater

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