Community Unity
A secular public forum

Meeting Minutes 7/13/05 (Inactive)

A small group of us met with Leonard Powell from the City of Fremont Community Preservation Group (aka Code Enforcement).

A member of Code Enforcement has met with an employee from Henckel and walked the property. Henckel has been officially given 30 days notice to get their property cleaned up. The police department has a letter on file allowing them to enforce the No Trespassing that has been posted on the property. The police were going to be enforcing the no trespassing as of this past Monday.

In summary, Code Enforcement can help with any property issues or boundary issues when we don't know who to call. Social behavior issues such as repercussions from being rousted from Henckel property should still be reported to the Police. Although it doesn't hurt keeping Code Enforcement informed in cases like this.

The proposed consolidation of the Neighborhood Night Out at the 3rd
Street Park was redirected to the Niles Main Street invitation to
come to the Museum parking lot. Please tell your neighbors. I would
be interested in hearing how many neighborhoods in Niles actually
participate in this event because so many people are on vacation
this time of year.

On the subject of vacations…we will be canceling the next couple of
meetings because so many people are not available this time of year.
That doesn't mean we are stopping the crime watch activity. If you
see something that doesn't look right but you're not sure who to
call, post a message and get help.

Regards from your humble scribe,

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