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Niles to Bay runs? (6 replies)
SF has Bay to breakers --How about Niles to Bay runs or biking event for fund raising? 

Also Quarry Lakes has dragon boat races, swims, etc – business owners should have a booth or exposure at these events so people know they are just around the corner.    


Ideas come easy – it is all the hard work to make them happen.


Rosanna on Second Street

Posted – 04/15/06 9:35am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 04/15/06 1:58pm

That is a great idea, Niles to the Bay run. The Alameda Creek has a wide path on both sides, that go from Mission Blvd. to the Bay. There is ample parking at Coyote hills Park.
The run should start at Coyote Park to Niles, along the levee to Niles Park, third street to the finish line at the flag pole.
Maybe this can be tied into the Fremont 50th birthday celebration. The run is about 12 miles. Perhaps this can be modified to a 5K run. Starting at the Isherwood staging area to Niles. There are infinite possibilities and if it a fun event, it may become a annual event.
Bill Spicer
Niles Blvd.
Posted – 04/15/06 9:36am by Lynn R Slater

That’s a great idea! Who wants to be in charge? Who wants to volunteer?

Perhaps other people who come up with great ideas would like to implement them too?

Start a committee, meet with people, get the permits, the create the advertising, get the PR done, solicit businesses for funds and sponsorship, find volunteers for the day of the race….and so on. Anyone interested?????


I’ve done many hours of volunteer work here in Niles and frankly I’m a little burned out. We need new people with new energy to do new events.


2nd St

Posted – 04/15/06 9:36am by Lynn R Slater

not to throw cold water on a great idea, but as a runner, unless it's just a great course with a huge draw, it's kind of a pain to run a point to point course - unless the event provides transportation back to the start.  which is quite expensive for the event sponsor.  Maybe some sort of loop course would be more do-able, we could easily figure out a short and long course as Bill suggested. 
I don't have time to coordinate, but would be happy to volunteer.
d street
Posted – 04/15/06 9:37am by Lynn R Slater

 start at the flagpole, loop through quarry lakes (via entrance by the bart tracks) , back to the flag pole?
Posted – 04/15/06 9:37am by Lynn R Slater

How bout that stretch of Mowry going East, where there is a merging
lane and may people zoom up on the right at the last minute and cut
in!!   I am livid about that area!  The son of a close friend of mine,
recently rolled his car while driving through there, luckily he was
not hurt.  I drive that way at all times of the day and nite, and it
happens to me every time.  Some jerk tries to get ahead of everyone
else and risks their lives doing it!!!  What is the best phone # to
call to report crazy drivers?
While I'm posting complaints, how about the DUST CLOUD of 2006,
created by the scraping of the railroad tracks?  I was out in my
backyard on an otherwise beautiful sunny day, and suddenly a cloud
appeared and blocked out the sun!  No joke...after my husband drove
over to the Nursery/Mission crossing, he found out what was going on
and called several agencies to report it, as a definite health
hazzard.  The contracted Co. apologized  and assured us that they
would try to get a water truck out there, next time! Cough Cough,
choke choke!!  Julie Reeb
Posted – 04/15/06 9:38am by Lynn R Slater

Why can't we do something for the kids of Niles.... ?Maybe a 5K ( i
don't know how far a 5k is, but i am sure it is less than a 10k:)Relay
races, diaper derby, stroller run, cane walk. Something for the old
and the new. I've gone sofar as redding for the duck run, and Los
Angeles for the races.... It would be nice just to walk down the

Niles Blvd
Posted – 04/15/06 1:58pm by Lynn R Slater

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