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The Dream Downtown Niles
I think that to bring business' and people to Niles it will take one
of the following:
- A TRANSPORTATION BASE:   ei. a working train station.  Niles
history proved this in the rail age by having a train stop here. 
Centerville has the modern day version with the Ace train and Amtrack
stop. Cons: parking, and the wrong type of
business'(Starbucks/Quizno/McDonalds) will come. Yuck..
- AN ANCHOR STORE:  Walmart, Safeway, Movie theater, Home Depot
etc..   Problem:  Niles character will be destroyed, it'll be just
plain gross, and I will cry.  icky-pooh
- A MAJOR THOROUGHFARE:  If Mission Blvd was routed through Niles
more people would come.  Problem: No one wants traffic and you will
never convince anyone to reroute Mission blvd.  See downtown
Livermore for example.  Ug
- CREATE A FULL DOWNTOWN: As opposed to our half downtown.  Place
stores, restraunts, and a town center along the east side of Niles
blvd with turn-of-the-century style in attempts to make the shops and
restraunt an attraction in itself. See Downtown Pleasanton for
example.   Problem: Risky and needs a developer, the City of Fremont,
Union Pacific, and Niles to work together.  I think this idea would
work but requires some serious organization and cooperation.  In my
opinion the city of Fremont is too caught up making an Emerald city
and wouldn't have the interest. (BTW if anyone from the city is
listening, re-surface the street already)
NOVELTY/BUSINESS/GIMMICK:  ei. The Historic Railroad with that great
steam train.  We all know this is the Niles residents dream.  It'll
attract the family crowd, atmosphere, character and type of business
we want.  Problem: Can't get the train to come into downtown niles on
this side of the tracks. Also need to get the original train depot
back over here to be the platform.  Will the shuttle/sullivans
underpass idea work?  We'll find out but it'll never be perfect until
it comes over to this side.  I commend the efforts of Micheal and his
group.  Success might fuel the bringing of the train stop to the
downtown side.

I prefer a combo of the last two.

If nothing happens I still love you Niles no matter what..
3rd X Riverside
Posted – 04/15/06 9:39am by Lynn R Slater

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