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Tagging and Defacing

Henkel Building (1 replies)
That ugly Henkel Building (and the tagger morons who keep spraypainting on it) isn't helping our cause either! As you enter from that direction, it looks like you're driving into some slum zone in the worst part of the Port of Oakland, rather than into a downtown shopping/dining area. I've been very disappointed that Henkel is moving so slowly to address this problem. I thought they'd care enough about their public image to make some steady progress, but I don't think they give a damn about anything other than preventing damage to their property. How it looks seems to not concern them a whit.

Del at The Trees
Posted – 08/23/05 10:17pm by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 08/23/05 10:18pm

Info on Henkel
Some info on Henkel. Perhaps we should email/mail bomb headquarters?,0&pa\

Posted – 08/23/05 10:18pm by Lynn R Slater

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