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Indie Movies in Niles (1 replies)
Just another crazy (and admittedly really uninformed) idea to bring
folks downtown:
I have not yet visited the Niles Film Museum so I'm not familiar with
the space or whether it would even be feasible, but it would be great
to see 1st or second run indie movies here in Niles.  Seems like a
good way to tip the hat to Niles heritage in film while bringing in
some revenue and foot traffic. 
Whenever we want to see movies that don't make it to the mainstream
theaters we end up trekking to Palo Alto, San Francisco, or Berkeley
to do so and I'm sure many folks in this area do the same. 
We're off to see the new Neil Young movie Heart of Gold at Cinearts
tonight and would much rather see it someplace local, especially here
in Niles:)
J Street
Posted – 04/15/06 1:59pm by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 04/15/06 1:59pm

Indie movies would be the best, or even an occasional old favorite (but not as old as silent movies), think Animal House, Dirty Harry, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, etc..  I work in downtown San Jose, and several months of the year we have the outdoor Cinema San Pedro which is a free weekly showing of this type of film.  It is constantly packed.  It would seem like the concept (not free, but for a fee which would benefit the Museum), would also work for an occasional showing of a "favorite".
d street  
Posted – 04/15/06 1:59pm by Lynn R Slater

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