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Ideas for the Edison Theater - Silent Film Museum

We are a band of less than a dozen, die-hard, crazily
enthusiastic volunteers trying to make a scene of it
here in Niles - and yes, you have heard the call of
the volunteer a few times recently from several other
groups making similar noble efforts - and yes, we'd
like and we need more help to be open on Saturday
afternoon and now on Sunday afternoons on "Train
Sundays" as well as movies nights which is EACH and
EVERY Sunday. We can hold concerts (acoustic solo and
small combo acts) and fashion shows and other similar
events - we hold 50 people comfortably and more in
lawn chairs on occasion.

We will help you to know exactly what you would need
to know, prime you with info if you want to be a
docent, give you the broom or the popcorn scoop if
you'd rather be "behind the scenes". And high school
students, parents of teens, this is a GREAT way of
getting service hours to graduate high school
with - you wouldn't have to worry about transportation
across town! I can set you up with the proper
paperwork and info to convince your teachers that this
a great use of your time!

Independent films.... a possibility...
Cartoons...a possibility

Friday nights and Sunday afternoons would be the prime
time for a special showing - maybe Saturday morning if
the kids are up.

That would come with someone getting permission from
the film makers. One of our folks was able to get
permission to show the Birds of Telegraph Hill for an
group with environmental concerns and fundraise for
them so that was good.

If it is a public showing (we advertise, we ask for
the suggested donation [required admission would only
be for special events like this weekends Comedy Film
Festival] collect the revenues, deal with all of the
IRS paperwork, etc) we would have to pay licensing
rights to show the movies, cartoons, old TV shows,
etc.  We may also have to pay for round-trip shipping.
Since that could easily run into the hundreds of
dollars - if not more - I think you can see why we are
a bit hesitant to show anything other than the
out-of-copyright films we have already available at no
extra cost to us. We also pay for the piano
accompaniest so we do have additional expenses.

So if you  folks want to sponsor the newer or
independent films for us (it would be a tax donation,
I believe) or you can get permission for us to show
them for a very reduced fee or free - after all we are
a non-profit trying to make rent, maybe they will have
sympathy for us and want to help us along, you never
know, then YES, we would be open into looking into
that possibility.

You can also rent the place out as a private party and
show a movie of yours or one of our movies (some of
which are talkies like 1933 King Kong - if you also
pay the projectionist - and a pianist if you want a
silent one).

Our eyes are on the prize - we are looking 1) preserve
Niles and local Bay Area history, 2) Essanay Studios
history (get people to know who Broncho Billy is, and
his signifigance, What the connnection with Charlie
Chaplin is, etc); 3) the Edison Theater history and 4)
silent films in general. We are doing our best to be a
unifying force in Niles - all for the common good. We
want Niles to succeed, and still stay as quaint and
cool as it is, and yes, that means we need everyones
help. We are proud and excited to be doing what we are
doing and getting some pretty cool press for it. Our
film festival this weekend generated articles and
promotional spreads in the SJ Mercury News, The Argus,
Fremont Bulletin, Contra Costa Times, Tri-City Voice,
etc.  And remember, that publicity brought people to
town - to buy a meal, to look in stores, to help pay
the store's rent.

Support the train rides
Support the museum
Support the NMSA
Support the Merchants Association


[Phew! Now, gotta hop off my soap box. and go get some
hot chocolate at The Nile, get a Gatorade at Mr.
Mikeys, wave at the 11:00 a.m. train, buy something
neat at My Friends & I and work the afternoon show at
the Theater.  Gee, wish there was something to do in
this town... :)]

And yes, you heard right folks, the Comedy Festival is
still going on today - check out what's playing at (had to get the last one in)

Posted – 04/15/06 2:01pm by Lynn R Slater

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