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Tagging and Defacing

Munoz Buiding Graffiti

Graffiti abatement in Niles is excellent, kudos to all those 
neighbors staying on top of this crazy-making situation. There are a 
few prominent spots that need attention.

Does anyone know how to  contact the new owners of the Munoz building so that help might be offered in removing the graffiti on this vintage property? A message  needs to be sent to the perpetrators that there is zero tolerance for  vandalism in Niles. Unfortunately, removing graffiti from brick  usually requires expensive and time consuming processes. Let's help  our new neighbors restore this important part of Niles' historic 
fabric. Cathy Lyn Harrison, CUSS (Clean Up Scruffy Sites)

Posted – 04/15/06 2:13pm by Lynn R Slater

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