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Tagging and Defacing

Diamond Scribes
 As if the defacing of the north walls of the Munoz Building and the
old Niles Town Hall buildings with spraypaint wasn't bad enough, our
local vandals are now scratching up plate glass windows in downtown
Niles with diamond scribes. I counted a total of eight large plate
glass windows this afternoon that have been scrawled on by some of
these local criminals who have been raised with no morals, decency, or

Two windows are on the front of Mr. Mikey's and they happened last
night, Thursday, as they were not damaged when I looked at them on
Wednesday afternoon. The other six happened previous to that.

Sadly, while normal people are sleeping soundly, these drugged-up
low-lives are out committing their unrelenting criminal vandalism of
our neighborhood. While I can, and do, clean up spraypainted vandalism
and paint markers or chisel-tip marker damage, there is nothing that
can be done for scratched up windows but to replace them at a
prohibitively high cost. The only good part of that cost is that if we
can catch the creeps who do this, they can be prosecuted for felony
vandalism when the overall damage they do totals $1,500 or more.

If your store or home windows get scratched up with initials or tags,
PLEASE call the P.D. and file a report through the dispatcher. Only by
these kind of records being accumulated can we ensure that if/when
some of these losers are caught in the act, the financial totals will
be serious enough for the offense to be a felony, rather than a

Also, as I've mentioned before, if traveling through Niles during the
hours from 1-4 a.m., and you see anyone suspicious, call the P.D. at
790-6800 and ask for the dispatcher. Report the suspicious activity
and they'll probably roll a car. During those wee hours of the morning
things are generally pretty slow otherwise.

Del at The Trees
Posted – 04/15/06 2:27pm by Lynn R Slater

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