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Essanay Cafe

Essanay Cafe Web Site: 
Now Open!

37533 Niles Blvd, Fremont, California 94536, United States



Great start, Fresh cooking

Ate there opening weekend. The menu was limited but had something for everybody. The food was well cooked from fresh ingrediants, including the crab that temporarily had the upper claw in the kitchen earlier.

My crabcake sandwich with cole slaw was excellent and appropriatly sized. The crab flavor was definite and fresh. The cole slaw was refreshing to me, but my wife commented that the terragon might be a bit strong.

My wife's tuna salid sandwich was also excellent and was larger than she could eat. The tuna had ny fishy off taste and was not in excessive sauces.

My daughters soup of the day, a crab biske, was wonderful with fresh crab meat apparent in every spoonful.

Posted – 05/20/06 5:09pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 05/20/06 5:09pm

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