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The Nile Cafe

121 I Street, Fremont, California 94536, United States

  • Cuisines: Breakfast, soups, salads, gourmet sandwiches and espresso drinks
  • Phone: (510) 791-6049
  • Prices: $
  • Map & Directions

Veggie at the Nile (1 replies)

Kelly:  My daughter is a strict vegetarian and, on the several occasions she and I have eaten dinner at the Nile, we just ask “what can you make vegetarian?”  They adapt most of the “nibbles” and they are delightful.  I’ve not seen a veggie entrée yet, but the nibbles are the most fun anyway.  Add a salad for a great dinner.


D street

Posted – 07/27/06 10:52pm by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 07/27/06 10:53pm

Same here - as a veg family, I'm always hopeful.
Posted – 07/27/06 10:53pm by Lynn R Slater

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