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37378 Niles Blvd, Fremont, California 94536, United States



My husband and I ate at Cici's Wed night. It's
delicious! I had a crab louis salad with incredibly
FRESH crab (it's in season), Paul had the pork loin
special with great garlic mashed potatos and
asparagus. We are going back...hmm...maybe try the pastas.

We were very delighted--the cafe has not looked this
good in 20 years! It's redone in pinks and blacks,
with lovely low lighting, new chandeliers, tall
booths, white table linen. The back patio is also
redone in greys and blacks with new tables and chairs
and a large heating column thingy. Very impressive!

The service is fast. This is a family affair. Victor
is the chef, his brother (or brother-in-law?) Luis is
the front man. They are originally from El Salvador.
Victor earned his chef's chops in San Francisco (at
the Via Fiorentino...? I could be wrong about the name
of the restaurant...)

Their kids are the wait staff and they really hustle!
They are dressed in black and white, and look very
professional. (And they are learning how to open wine
bottles.) They are eager to please, friendly, and they
want their clients to come back.

Their food is high-medium priced, but very good. My
crab Louis was about $15. Our entire dinner, including
an appetizer and dessert, was about $50.

THIS IS A GOOD RESTAURANT! I'm trying to get the word
out. Between the Essanay Cafe (California cuisine-ish
--and NO ONE cooks salmon like the Essanay!), the
wonderful Nile Cafe dinners, and this Italian
restaurant, Niles is truly beginning to fly!

Happy eating everyone!

Leah A
Second Street

Posted – 11/18/06 5:07pm by Lynn Slater

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