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Essanay Cafe

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37533 Niles Blvd, Fremont, California 94536, United States


Night and Day at the Essanay

Lured in by the amazing dessert quality demonstrated at Open Mic, we gave the Essanay Café another try.  It was night and day. The new chief/partner is wondrously passionate about her food and this showed in every element and in the rest of the staff. The veggies were a meal unto themselves with very effective and surprising combinations. Entries were great and the served with flair. The desserts are fantastically intense.

We have all tried to be polite, but frankly the Essanay did not have its act together in the kitchen.  That was before. This is not the same Essanay and I expect that it will now thrive as we rediscover it.  Try it again, it is worth it.

-- Lynn, on Posada Way

Posted – 12/16/06 4:32pm by Lynn Slater

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