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#2: Sit Closer

Sit closer we did as questions blew through kazoos until we hallelujahed
to the memory of 15-year-old ghosts. CiCi saw saw as blackbirds flew past
the bully. We moved on up to cathouses, but try as he might, Mike could
not get Bill to railroad the cat out of the tree so Irene said goodnight
and David blew up the goat, but we all knew that it could not possibly be
over until the thin lady played.

As fluting floated us into Christmas and while we wondered how something
so new could become so ingrained, it was clear to all that an essence of
Niles has a roost and the mic will remain open 7-10pm Wednesdays at the

Posted – 12/23/06 12:39pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 03/31/07 12:12pm

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