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#5: Great Christmas Gift

On this Christmassy night at the Essanay the Belvior bells went silver before moving on to bluesy aspiring snow. The international contingent made an appearance with an old English Peter, Paul and Mary, a French winter, and an Irish dance. Crazy Ozzy got our picture as we turned Japanese. For a steep price Alberta let her hair down before sailing away. Pre 9-11 thoughts of normalcy and super bowl relationships took a Tim Burton turn to Santa corpses, but Santa recovered and read his clause to the naughty ones. How nice!  A 17 year old skipped the glee and grew up, but was not quite a July woman. The Belvior bells again jingled and we had ourselves half a merry Christmas before the night went silent.

What a great Christmas gift! Open Mic at the Essanay has given Niles a nightlife and a place to be Wednesday nights.

Posted – 01/02/07 10:55pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 03/31/07 12:14pm

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