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#8: Emmy came to town for a Price

Bruce opened Mike, and then worried about losing love. Dillon Thomas's questionable cleanliness blew into wild blue eagle meat, but Joe was not shy and got lost in love until a droopy dog broke it up.  Now, that's a twist.

Chris's brain thumping was surprisingly painless and so we left him out of it. G.W. underestimated the enemy and played childish games as complaints flooded into Dear Abby – she should listen to Chris.

A minor girl thumped energetically to Andy's perishing hubris and purred as he graphed love.  This little bit of daily heaven lead to Brenda's remembrances. Away to sleep, baby!  Classically refreshing.

Emmy came to town for a Price and blew us off barkly.  Reggie turned Japanese love letters into sand and Lauren could tell that we would be friends.  Who wouldn't after such a lovely night at Open Mic. We were only waiting for this moment to arrive and the lion sleeps tonight.

Posted – 01/17/07 11:12am by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 03/31/07 12:15pm

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