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#9: Prelude to a Mic

The tables filled slowly, we all know that it sometimes starts late. The list was empty as everybody played the coy waiting game jockeying for the coveted middle slots.   Bottles and balinies took their places as did nervous potential performers.   The Mike worked the room, soliciting, soliciting, fully knowing that, like petroleum, it would flair once sparked.  The creative director displayed her versatility as the fluttered table to table chatting, taking suggestions, orders, and doing whatever was needed. In a twist, tonight creativity lead the lawyer. 

The shy price was right, but the rocky racooner was conspicuously missing and it felt weird without him.   Teckies tecked as spouses fidgeted as Annewiches appeared while the Mike warmed up getting ready to blow up this lab.

Donna's trumpeter was taken and the old lady seemed to be next in line, and what a long line it became. (Now we know where David's goat came from.) The animal carnage continued as Andy ill-fated mousy appetizer was a prelude to Brenda's poor Tom and there wasn't no cure. Such dishes they served up at this open Mic at the Essanay.

Posted – 01/22/07 11:44pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 03/31/07 12:15pm

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