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#10: The 10th tops it off!

The trio warmed the room and Bruce pontificated until Bob threw away the key. This jail was filled as we wondered what kinds of songs cowboys sang in Snakeville.

Red Molly was the first to go and Niles was feeling good again – until somebody swerved into our lane. Well, we will survive, a friend of the devil is a friend of mine.

Somehow, this bought us to Mike.  Well, he has had a busy life, and he needs a broom. Even Sam could not do this history and he was crossed. I too.

A 100 year old poem had an introduction just as long, but funnier. Rod walked in our ways and gave us peace.  Happily after after? I give in. Sweet dreams were of 3 tears reflected in the silver screen, so we hit the snooze button.

A dead woman's glazed eyes had us questioning our harmonic freedom.  Remember, you could be singing too.  Brian bached this up, Jesus took joy, and the four took off.

Even Page's tragic momma would agree that the 10 tops it at the Essanay Open Mic.

Posted – 01/27/07 11:36pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 03/31/07 12:19pm

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