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#14: Look at her tonsils!

A gentle hornpipe set this lollypop ship asail over gently flowing notes to a whole new world, a place where tonsils rather than crystals channel power. Anne talked dirty and moved us on to examine both sides of Dreamland's clouds.  

We went costal and now we are in Key Largo.  How did that happen?   I'm clueless, but at least the young girls are throwing themselves at me.  Bruce, however has to go up the creek to have his fun.  I guess there is no place like home.  I'd warn Mr. Bojangles, but Loraine is sure she can tell that they are going to be friends, but then there is a daemon in her view.  Is this ill intent?

It seems that we are in a place where every little dream is true.  Mourning dew, do you?  Oh God, how I'm stuck on it all, it makes me feel whole again!  It's time to sing the 21st century blues.

A filled night like this can end in only one thought… "Man, look at her tonsils!"

Posted – 02/26/07 11:07pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 03/31/07 12:23pm

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