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#19: What's up the kilt?

It started with a soft serving of unknown iffy bread as we plotted to break the acting record, one that outlasted Greg, the cat, and even the kite.  When will it end?   Will Jack forget the words?   You stay here … you can find out on Friday.  Lets hope no blossoms stop his breath.  Oh no! – they are playing godfather music.

It is fun when you see then start to fly, but Alex ended in a tie.  Maybe he needs a weed, but hey, why not ask for more?    Three candles, perhaps?   No, ney, never, no more!

Matt was instrumental as Jade turned into gold and the silent spirits found a home.   So ends another night at the Essanay with only 1 big question remaining:

What's up the kilt?


Standard disclaimer: These summaries are made the night of the performances and presented immediately after the last performer.   They incorporate titles and memorable lines or themes from the various performers. Every performer is generally represented with the performances threaded together in a semblance of a theme. The references are full of inside jokes best known to those present that night but they do give an impression of the open flowing feel of these magical moments.

Posted – 03/31/07 12:11pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 04/15/07 2:53pm

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