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Water Feature
Will or should the plaza have a water based attraction?

More thoughts on the water feature

The town square is a redevelopment project, not a  park. As a redevelopment project, it should
 contribute  to the increase in downtown property values. The  square has had several important purposes..providing  a  place off the street for town events and beautifying  the historic downtown.  We have a wonderful  underused  park in Niles that we should take back!! (and demand  decent restrooms & restroom maintenance!!)
The inclusion of a water feature in the design of  the  Niles Square ( the subject of MANY meetings)  has  been  mentioned repeatedly and rejected repeatedly by the  MAJORITY of attendees.We had a final plan and then  the  city changed their stance on moving the train
 station  which brought up the question of the freight  building.
To the folks that participated in this long  project, especially those  property owners who have  sacrificed $$ and lots more to stay in historic does not seem reasonable to allow a group
 to  insert the idea of a water feature once again at  this  late stage after it has already been discussed many  times and rejected. This will only further delay a  project that has already taken too long to  implement.
One final is easy to gather  signatures by  asking only one question and giving only one side of  the issue. The hard part is participating over the  long haul and accepting the decision of the majority  of participants on what would be best for the  historic downtown area as a whole.

Judy Zlatnik

Posted – 08/27/05 9:32am by Lynn R Slater

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