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Fremont Planning Commission meeting on cell phone tower at Mission and Nursery

Last week I spent half an hour with Terry Wong, the city planner in charge of the proposed cell phone tower at Nursery and Mission. There will be a meeting tomorrow (6/28) at 7 p.m. at Council Chambers, 3300 Capitol Ave., to consider a Conditional Use Permit for this project.
Mr. Wong was very patient in dealing with me. He gave me three
simulation pictures of the 87-foot stealth mono-pine, two perspectives
from Nursery and one from Mission Blvd. Actually, I was surprised at
how relatively unobtrusive the installation appears; however, the few
such "stealth mono-pines" (their term, not mine) I have seen leave
quite a bit to be desired. The equipment is to be installed
immediately in back of Dave's Foreign Auto, among several fir trees
just east of the Union Pacific tracks, about 155 feet from the Hayward
He also provided safety information regarding microwave radiation, a
rather abstruse report generated by the firm Hammett and Edison, Inc.,
Consulting Engineers retained by T-Mobile. The upshot, Wong says, is
that the structure will generate .23% of the federal daily maximum
exposure if two panels are attached. What will happen if/when T-Mobile
rents out the two lower panel spaces, I do not know.
Any thoughts? Come to the meeting for more information!

Posted – 07/02/07 11:50pm by Lynn Slater

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