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Impact on Fremont

City Of Fremont's Review to Date

The Staff of the City of Fremont have been following the DRCP and the Union City Intermodal Station since at least 2003.  On six occasions they have written letters commenting on environmental concerns and direct impacts they see occurring based on the plans that have been proposed.  They have taken positions in opposition to elements of the plan which were not in conformance with Fremont's General plan and have successfully lobbied for elimination of certain aspects which adversely impact Fremont Residents or for mitigations to minimize adverse impacts on residents.  The six letters are published as Background Materials on this page. Fremont continues to monitor the evolution of the DRCP.

The neighborhoods which appear to have been most involved to date have been Riverwalk, Hacienda Gardens, Rancho Arroyo, however a larger segment of the City will be impacted.

Posted – 02/08/08 11:26am by Mike Dubinsky, updated or replied 02/08/08 3:28pm

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