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Mr. Mikey's Country Store
37161 Niles Blvd, Fremont, California 94536, United States

THIS IS A GREAT STORE!!! This is a must stop/visit!!

What would Niles be without Mikey"s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is the greatest place to grab a sandwich (sandwiches alone, under $4 bucks), chips and a drink.  I recall the sandiwiches being around $3.75? and they have a good sandwhich/cheese variety.  They also, have a great selection of Ice Cream, Produce, beer, wine, and soda - it goes on!  They have great tamalies that are homemade, and lots of other things that you may need, but don't want to drive to get it!  They also, have fresh produce, veggies and fruit.  If you think that Mikeys might not carry that one item, you need to go to the store to get, try them...they might have it!  Yes, they carry heavy whipping cream!! 

The service from the guy's and ladies behind the counters is excellent, and they are always nice.  If, you need a couple of items, forget driving to Lucky's or Safeway, head down to Mikeys Country Store..He has you covered!!  Love this place and its a TOTAL asset to our Niles Community!!

Posted – 06/16/08 3:44pm by Dave Landreth , updated or replied 06/16/08 3:45pm

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