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Letter from the City to Residents

July 29, 2008
Re: Niles Antique Faire and Flea Market

Dear Niles Resident,

The annual Niles Antique Faire and Flea Market is scheduled for the
last Sunday in August. This event is one of Fremont’s best and often
draws a large crowd to the Niles district. The City is committed to
assisting all events to be successful, and also safe and secure.

As mentioned last year, the sales activity that takes place in the
Niles neighborhood has increased over the last couple of years and has
imposed new safety and health concerns for the City of Fremont. The
increased activity, which includes both vehicular and pedestrian
traffic outside the permitted closure of Niles Blvd, has caused a
significant im
pact on emergency responders. In addition, the garage
sales have expanded and businesses have begun to sell in the
residential area, which falls outside the permitted Event. To ensure
that the City can provide life saving aid in an emergency, we want to
inform residents who participate in the Niles Antique Faire and Flea
Market about health and safety codes that need to be followed. Please
find below a list of resources that we hope will help ensure a safe

Parking and Walking:

1. Parking should be limited to designated parking lots, parking
stalls or designated on street parking. Vehicles parking in “No
Stopping” zones, cross walks and in front of fire hydrants could be
subject to tow.
2. Vehicles shall not park on public roads in a manner that would
restrict access to or around structures. Access to buildings or
structures shall not be obstructed.
3. Vehicles may not park in fire lanes, and 20 feet of clearance in
the roadway must be maintained for Emergency Vehicles. Vehicles may not

Cooking, Serving and Distributing Food:

1. A Health Permit is required for the cooking, selling and/or
distribution of food. The Alameda County Department of Health can be
contacted at 510-567-6708.
2. Approved cooking booths shall be equipped with a fire
extinguisher with a minimum rating of 2A: 10B:C. Fire extinguishers in
ing booths shall be mounted adjacent to the exit and must be
visible and accessible.
3. For a complete list of Fremont Fire Department Standards for
cooking, visit the City’s web-site,
where you can obtain the guidelines.

Operation of a business without having paid the required Registration
Tax is a violation of the Fremont Municipal Code. You may contact
Dennis Robinson, Tax & Revenue, at 510-494-4791 for more information.

1. All businesses operated in the City of Fremont require a Business
Tax License issued by the City.
2. Business Tax License provisions apply to those without a
permanent place of business in the City but coming into the City to
sell products or provide services. A temporary one-day business
license can be obtained for $5.00.
3. Prior to commencement of business activities an application must
be filed with the City of Fremont and the Registration Tax must be paid.

Regulations for “sales activity” conducted on public and private
property. If you have any further questions about allowable sales
activity or you would like to get a permit to conduct lawful sales,
please call Dennis Robinson, Tax & Revenue, at 510- 494-4791.

1. On public property: Encroachment Permits are not available for
sales activity in the street or on a sidewalk. Sales activity must
take place
on private property, unless the nature of the activity and
location grants the issuance of a special event permit (see below).
2. On private property: Residential lots are limited to the sale of
personal items belonging to the residents, such as a typical garage
sale would have. It is unlawful for businesses to operate on a
residential lot without a home occupation permit.
3. Conducting an event that is outside the intended use or permitted
use of the property requires a special event permit. A typical garage
sale on a single family residential property would not require a
special event permit. However, conducting typical garage sale
activities and or selling space for sales activity on commercial
properties (i.e. parking lots), is an example of the type of activity
that would require a special event permit. A special event permit
application can be found on the City’s web-site at
All special events applications for the weekend of August 30-31st will
be due no later than Friday, August 8, 2008. If you have questions
regarding special event permits, please contact Nancy Tacchella at

We hope these guidelines are a useful tool and resource as you plan for
this year’s event. If you have specific questions about the Niles
Antique Faire, please contact the Niles Main Street Association at
510-742-9868. If you have
questions about this letter or need more
information, please contact Special Events Manager, Geneva Bosques, at

Thank you for helping to make this year’s Niles Antique Faire and Flea
Market a safe event.

Captain Robert Nelson, Police Department Amiel Thurston,
Deputy Fire Marshal

Posted – 08/26/08 5:25pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 08/26/08 5:27pm

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