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Elf of the Week

Niles Elf of the Week -- Ken Lippman

The Niles Elf of this week is Ken Lippman.  He epitomizes Niles elfness in that he steadily contributes and never wants credit. All he wants to do is to help and see things are done right.

It is quite possible that you have not noticed Ken, elves do tend to shy away from the limelight, but if you want to find him, find a passenger train boarding in Niles. Where there is a train there is almost always Ken helping visitors find parking and helping them get safely to the train, offering his time and gentle smiles.

Many people have written or spoke to me nominating Ken for elfness and he was already on my personal list of known elves.  I'll quote our local bard, Mike McNevin:

"He's simply a rock, and really epitomizes a Golden Spike Volunteer. He's one of the most unselfish people I know."

Posted – 02/05/09 6:57pm by Lynn Slater

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