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Elf of the Week

Elf of the Week: Catherine B Stuart of Nibble and Sip
I observed Catherine do something particularly elfish. It was the last week of the train of lights and all trains were sold out long before. A visitor was inquiring about the possibility of getting tickets for her and 5 others. We all knew that this very likely was not going to be possible. The visitor was also confused about how to get to the ticket station and did not seem to be understanding any of the explanations. In response, Catherine closed her store while she drove the visitor to the ticket booth. Even though Catherine knew that the visitor would almost certainly not get the tickets, she still none the less brightened that visitor's day at the expense of her own business. That is selfless kindness and in so doing Catherine showed her elfness.
Posted – 02/05/09 6:58pm by Lynn Slater

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