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Elf of the Week

Elf of the week: Rena Dein

Rena is a workhorse around the Essanay Silent Film Museum taking care of their publicity, merchandise ordering, newsletters, and making special events such as Vintage Dress Dances, Pre-code Follies, and concerts happen.

When she is not doing this she is selling rings, sending care packages, collecting used toys, spreading news of WOW weekends in Niles, resupplying crafters, distributing boxes, trying to bring Indie "art" films to Niles, finding translators, organizing Chaplin Days, finding film extras, selling ducks, and raising funds.

And in her real job, she is a teen events coordinator for the City of Fremont.

What an Elf!  Just everywhere behind the scenes making things happen for the betterment of all.   No one I could find could list all of the things she does, and I'm sure that the list above is incomplete.

Oh yeah, she also takes good care of her Mom.

Posted – 02/07/09 11:50pm by Lynn Slater

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