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Elf of the Week

Nicki Bouton
 Nicki Bouton rallied Niles troops to raise money to help families all around Niles and Fremont as a whole. Her efforts in Niles and at her work at Cisco raised the necessary funds and then some for the City of Fremont Human Services Department year-end program aiding those less fortunate. She has also made sure the past few years that there's been a
"Thank You" dinner/party for all the Main Street volunteers at the
Belvoir after the Holiday Home Tour. Nicki always makes sure everyone
gets acknowledged and thanked for their part in helping out - she's
incredibly gracious.

You will also see her active sharing information on toy donations, home
tours, library fund raisers, street improvements, and local artists.

There just are so many elves helping out behind the scenes. Thank you,
Nicki, for your contributions.
Posted – 04/02/09 10:44pm by Lynn Slater

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