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Suspicious Activity

Silver Japanese older make car -- drugs? (1 replies)
About a week ago, Rene saw a silver Japanese older make car, a young male with an unseasonal dark blue quilted jacket and a another male standing outside the car. They were passing things between themselves and the car. This happened across the street from Paige Frakes house on G St, closest to the 3rd St. intersection, closer to the "party house"
on 3rd.
Posted – 09/03/05 3:40pm by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 09/03/05 3:42pm

Okay, it sounds like it may be the same guys. The car was boxy and small and could have been silver or bluish. One had a mustache I believe and they could have been in their twenties or thirties, possibly Latin decent.

Yes...doing something similar! One was in the driver side and the other
was outside of the car next to him. They were doing something strange
between themselves and the outside guy was looking back and forth. They
were parked in front of a neighbor's house near the Kraftile bend of
Linda. What could they have been doing?

Also, our neighbor across the street also noticed someone casing our
neighborhood on Linda the other day in a red car and I believe he wrote
down the license plate number.

So if anyone sees them again, I supposed we should try to "safely" get
the license plate number and possibly a digital photo if you have a
camera or camera phone on you.

L Morton
Linda Drive
Posted – 09/03/05 3:42pm by Lynn R Slater

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