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Loud party this past Saturday (Inactive)
Last night, an obnoxious state of events occurred over the evening.
The majority of the location included 3rd St from the school to the park ( more area may be involved I am not sure). THose of us that live in the immediate vicinity were subject to loud music, screeching tires, loud exchanges of obscenities, and other such violent behavior. At one point I observed two large groups of people (about 15 or so each time) walking across my lawn and out in the street. We most definitely called the poice to report the obnoxious activity.
I just placed a call to the non- emergency number to the Fremont police department. Last night at about 1:30 a.m. the action was at its height. Many neighbors called in side show activities most centrally located around the home at 37615 Third St. on the edge of the 3rd St. park. Others called in potential gun fire and still others called in loud party behavior and violent behavior at the home on the corner of G and 3rd St and the home in the center of the alley between F and G St.
The result of all of these phone calls was approximately four separate visits to the area, eight total officers reporting to the scene. This resulted in one arrest and breaking up the events of the evening. While this seems small in comparison to what was going on, please take note that action was most definitely taken.
Those of you that took it upon yourself to call last night, please pat yourselves on the back! That is the kind fo action that we as neighbors need to take while these events are occurring, not after the fact. Please continue to take this active role to let our seemingly belligerent neighbors know that this type of behavior in our sleepy community will not be tolerated.
On a side note, if anyone happens to personally know the actual home owners of these properties, maybe each of us should speak to or write a letter to them expressing concern in a non- hostile way over what is happening at their property. Any thoughts?
In the meantime, continue to stay alert folks, things will get done!
Very tired today on 3rd St.

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