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Regarding mentally disabled (2 replies)
Regarding mentally disabled. I have double major in criminal justice and psych, minor in soc. I've worked with mentally disabled in my early years, moved on to work with criminals. I'd much rather have a mentally disabled housing unit in Niles rather than another Church. WE HAVE MORE CHURCHES THAN BARS, we always have! We have SO MANY Churches of all denominations, yet only a few functioning bars and Joe's Corner was turned down. I'd take a bar over another church any day.

Or another housing complex that fills our streets with traffic, and clutters Niles School (or Vallejo Mills School), which is already maxed. I'd rather have a bar or business or mentally disabled house nearby... rather than a housing project.

When I attended Niles School, there were NO portables. Now all of our schools have portables. Niles has lost a lot of it's playground to portables. ALL schools in Fremont are overwhelmed. Parkmont Elementary has so many portables, you'd think the original building was an add-on to the portables!

When things are decided for growth of a city, secondary and not thought off are the nearby residents, schools, parking limitations, traffic, etc. What is thought of is revenue. That is nothing new. No way to change that.

Nevermind that without Fremont growing further, without Niles
expanding, the City can make more money on home businesses and businesses in the city. But, the City has so MINOR taxing on home businesses (I know, was one for years, paid like $1 to the city for every $1000 my home business brought in). And, on businesses. The city has a mean for income. They don't take it, because they wish lower revenue to lure others in to do business.

Fremont has the opportunity to run events to raise funds, but they don't. Instead, they hold events that cost funds, to get recognition.

With Elementary Schools in Fremont. Has anyone noticed that over the past recent years or so, you avoid running errands and take detours to avoid a Fremont school? I would NEVER go through downtown Niles on School or Second St. when Niles Elementary is starting or getting out. It's a MADHOUSE! Cones have to be set up, traffic is insane. It's like that for ALL elementary schools now. They are overcrowded and the state isn't footing the budget they should... and the state borrowed against our school funds (took our funds) and doesn't want to pay back. Thank the actor for that, who's in charge of our state. Where are our city officials to stand up for what is due to us in funds?

I welcome a mentally disabled housing unit. I have TONS of stuff to donate to them! I have been in and worked in, mentally disabled housing units of up to six per house. Niles is the perfect community for these people. I welcome them, and I welcome introducing my tot to people of disabilities... and teaching her compassion, and perhaps visiting and giving donations. At least they won't further give traffic burdens, nor school burdens. But, we can embrace them. And, enliven our children, and ourselves, to them.

I'd rather have that than townhouses, more churches, stacked up two-story homes with no backyards, etc. They could only lend to the diversity and compassion that Niles residents tend to give.

Riviera Dr.

Posted – 09/05/05 10:13am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 05/22/09 3:28pm

Humanizing face
Thanks for putting a humanizing face on this issue. I had guessed that this was the cross section of people we were talking about with an adult assisted-care facility and it sounds like I was on the right track. Perhaps Downes Syndrome adults, or those recovered from serious head injuries, etc.

At a time when "normal" people see nothing wrong with cruising up and down Niles Boulevard at all hours of the day and night with booming whumpa-thumpa public address systems built into their vehicles, and when middle-class young people say that they consider graffiti an art form, the kind of folks you describe  sound like ideal low-maintenance
neighbors to me!

Del at The Trees

P.S. If they previously were located in Mission San Jose, you can bet that they weren't any sort of nuisance. Society's REAL problems always get foisted off on the Middle Class, blue collar, and low income neighborhoods from Day One.
Posted – 09/05/05 10:15am by Lynn R Slater

Regarding mentally disabled
Joes corner was shut down because of drugs.
Posted – 05/22/09 3:28pm by Sarah Cattaneo

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