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Large Orange Cat Died See all 5 replies
The cat has died from its injuries (head trauma from being hit by a car;
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Posted – 01/15/07 10:53pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 01/15/07 10:55pm
Sunday evening's accident on Niles Blvd See reply
Does anyone know what happened? I passed by not too long afterwards, since the green minivan was still there. It looked like the minivan hit the divider outside the Thai temple square-on, taking out the signs, crossing over the divider and the other side of the street, and bouncing off the far sidewalk, back into the street. I seriously doubt that could happen at 35mph, and I'm wondering how on earth someone could hit the divider like that on a 2-lane road.
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Posted – 04/15/06 9:23am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 04/15/06 9:25am