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Suspicious Activity
What was going on last night?! See all 4 replies
What was going on last night in Niles?  My daughter said there was a police helicopter over our neighborhood and many, many police sirens on Mission around 4AM.  What the heck?  She said someone tried to rattle our front door open and ran away.  That's comforting....Genie Hawkins
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Posted – 04/15/06 2:24pm by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 04/15/06 2:26pm
Rancho Arroyo park - Odd activity See reply
Just putting out a note about three teenagers we saw this last weekend at the Rancho Arroyo park on Montecito drive.
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Posted – 04/15/06 9:44am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 04/15/06 9:44am
Lt. gold(?), older sedan, loud and irritating radio
Last week in late afternoon, a lt. gold(?), older sedan parked mid-street in front of our house for about 5+ minutes. The radio was loud and irritating. I was going to go out because of the noise but he finally drove off. Couldn't tell how old (fuzzy vision) he was but he did have a mustache. While it was unusual, I didn't think too much of it because what kind of neighborhood thug would draw attention to himself with loud noise?  Just strange, he wasn't local and most people just don't sit in their cars blocking the street.  And we are right across from Linda Drive.
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Posted – 09/03/05 3:43pm by Lynn R Slater
Silver Japanese older make car -- drugs? See reply
About a week ago, Rene saw a silver Japanese older make car, a young male with an unseasonal dark blue quilted jacket and a another male standing outside the car. They were passing things between themselves and the car. This happened across the street from Paige Frakes house on G St, closest to the 3rd St. intersection, closer to the "party house"
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Posted – 09/03/05 3:40pm by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 09/03/05 3:42pm
Suspicious characters with lookout See all 2 replies
On Aug 25, I called the Fremont Police to report suspicious characters who looked very much like they didn't belong and like they were doing something illegal. One looked like the lookout person. Unfortunately, I did not give very good details as I was driving by and they were looking at me strangely with my kids in the car, so my report wasn't a very detailed one. I did give their location and a brief description. I didn't have enough details but I thought it better to call with something than to not call at all.
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Posted – 09/03/05 3:34pm by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 09/03/05 3:38pm