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Sharing of Family & Interests
I enjoy sharing very much and in that spirit I share my kids, my two grandsons, and some of my artistic interests from quilting to stained glass to woodworking to photography.
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Zachary Aiden my first born grandchild was in such a hurry to get here he came October 15, 2006 rather then December 30, 2006 his official due date. He had to stay in the hospital at Kaiser Hayward for almost 2 months before he could go home. Kaiser Hayward and it's staff saved the life of my grandson for which I will be eternally grateful. Thank you Kaiser for a job well done!

Evan Charles born on his due date unlike his cousin Zachary. Evan was born February 21, 2008 and is the first born for my son Eric and my daughter in law Katie. He appears to have inherited his grandma's red hair!

Zac and Grandma Boo sit next to daddy my son Eric holding his 3 day old son Evan Charles who I think I will call Charlie.

This is my daughter Julie with her husband Nelson and their son Zachary while he was still in intensive care at Kaiser Hayward.

Zac now has teeth, walks and talks so all is fine with our premie baby 16 months later.

First long gown in my lifetime! Worn for New Year's Eve at The Essanay Cafe 12-31-07.

My 3 kids when they were little kids: Julie, Phillip and Eric.

One of the quilts I've made.

This was an interesting concept to create. I combined wood cut with my scroll saw and stained glass soldering both together to form this scene. A gorgeous combination of textures and colors in one stained glass window.

This was a fun window to make. It's 3 dimensional with some glass blobs sticking out at various angles. I call this one "ROAR" because it's coloration is so very vibrant.

I designed this window to hang in my master bath. I wanted a visual feeling of being in the reeds near the ocean where all I could hear is the sound of the waves. It worked! This setting is very tranquil and I enjoy long hot bubble baths here under this window.

I also enjoy woodworking especially where I can find a way to combine glass with wood. In this piece I've gold leafed the wings of the butterflies to make them stand out. This piece sits in an oak base and provides a soft light which is shown through the shades of orange and brown in the glass.

My dog Cassie a Bichon Frise and quite the character.

At the New Year's Eve party at The Essanay I heard the story about the dream this man had. I was moved hearing the story because I too had a dream which I fulfilled which is an awesome experience. I applaud those that dream, those that work hard to make it happen and smile with them at their success! Dream On!

My Martin D28 guitar being played at one of my Home Concerts by my friend Steve.

My son Eric and his son Evan Charles at one month old March 21,2008 Still has his red hair so there is hope!

August 2, 2008 while at The Essanay Cafe Best of Open Mic Night I had quite the surprise from two friends Kris and Bob!

Taken by a friend while out to dinner July 2008

Page 1 of 1 — 18 pictures in album