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Sandhu approval reversed
The city council granted our appeal of the Planning Commission of the Sandhu house.(I signed the appeal as one of the original "hill commitee" for Measure A.)
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Niles & Rock Ave
The developer is going to have a community meeting in late August.
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Your help needed to fight hillside development
Tomorrow night the Fremont City Council will be considering an appeal to deny the conditional use permit that the Planning Commission granted to Dr. Goney Sandhu to build a 16,000 square foot home on East King Avenue above Niles.
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Gas station/convenience Mart/Car wash (Inactive)
I received a telephone call from a city planner regarding a proposed development between the car repair shop on Mission and Nursery, and the condos further up Mission toward Union city. I have the sketches of the initial submission that I could send you if you are interested.
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Demolition Started (Inactive)
I noticed today that they have begun stripping the roofing materials
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Construction for Fremont Fire Station #2
On July 22,2008, the City awarded a $3,799,000.00 contract to Zovich & Sons Inc. to construct the new fire station #2 located at the comer of Niles Boulevard and G Street. The contractor has been authorized to start the construction on September 8, 2008. The construction duration will last approximately one year.
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